Sunday, 17 November 2013

StarKin - 80's Lycra

Hello darlings!

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I have a cute little glitter topper for you today. This is Star Kin's "80's Lycra" (for obvious reasons)

I prefer it over black because I think the neon glitter really pops against the darker colour but it looks pretty great against a lot of things. You could go full-80s with it and layer it over other neons if you felt like it.

I'm wearing one layer of it here over black/white so I feel like it's a good amount of glitter per coat. You're not overwhelming the nail right away but you're also not left wondering if you actually put any on or not.

It applied easily and you get a good mix of the colours without having to fish for anything. There's neon pink, yellow, green and blue smaller hexes and squares, plus some big red hexes. I don't know if red can quite be neon but this is as bright as red gets and it totally works.

Star Kin polishes can be purchased from their Etsy store, and you can follow them on Facebook.